ďAbake" means "Child To Be Cherished" in the West African regional language. We believe that all children deserve to be cherished because they are born into the world innocent.

However, astounding numbers of children in the world are suffering. Young single mothers are having a hard time trying to feed let alone educate their young. Many are living at the poverty level and are hungry.

Orphans are unfortunately an ever-growing population in areas devastated by war and ravaged by disease. Some are living as servants and are put to work by the homes that take them in. Others are left without anyone to care for them eking out a living begging in the streets.

Far too many African children are finding themselves without any family support in a very cruel world with the responsibility to feed themselves and care for younger siblings.

There are millions of young adults who have no ability to attend school in order to become successfully integrated into society.

Children are the future of our world. How they grow up determines how they will integrate into society.

What kind of a world would you want to create for unfortunate children without family, or children born into devastating poverty and cannot afford to receive an education. We at Abake's Foundation are committed to creating an environment for children to grow up and become admirable adults in a better world.

Millions of children in Africa and around the World are without a parent, a home, and an education. There is great burden on nations to assist their people achieve a higher standard of living.

It is with this line of reasoning that Abake Assongba, Anthony JW DeRosa, and their family, decided to become involved by founding Abake's Foundation in hopes of spreading hope, education, love, and protection to children.

We felt the best way to really help children would be to help their mothers' to start their own business'(which allows for independence), and or provide a scholarship for the young adult for them to enhance their lives with advanced education.

Abake's foundation is a non-profit (501c3) organization dedicated to making a difference by giving to the children of Africa the unbiased Hope, Education, Love and Protection that they could only Dream of. Please assist us in bringing awareness to the needs of children in West Africa.


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