“Abake's Foundation” is the brain-child of it's founders Abake Assongba, and her husband Anthony JW DeRosa.

The core thirst for creating a grassroots force which can work to aid people throughout the world with cleaver and sustainable projects has ignited into two separate Non-governmental organizations so far.

“Abake's Foundation Inc.”, a United States 501(c) 3 Foundation, and “La Fondation Abake” a recognized Non-government Organization charted in The Republic of Benin have separate financial bookkeeping.

Both mirror versions of the conceptual foundation are named “For the Beloved Child” and have thus far been financed solely by private investors, with private money, and have not relied at all on taking any Taxpayers money within the USA, nor any money from the US government nor any entity which would hold accountability over it as to the date which this has been written.

"The USA NGO, “Abake's Foundation” is eager to become more obvious to the public at large due to it's effective solutions to the needs of children and thus families.

So far within the USA, “Abake's Foundation” has only yet scratched the surface with small test projects like distributing school supplies to P.S. 203 Floyd Bennett School, an intermediate school in Brooklyn, NY, and supplementing toys to small local church's Holiday Toy giveaway's such as in Wyandanch, NY, and in Ocala, FL, to name a few.

Currently due to personal matters our seasonal foundation has been a bit quite, however we are gearing up our team of volunteers for our revamped efforts domestically with added focus on securing funding for more elevated projects in the coming years.

The most interesting part of this whole story would be how an immigrant African/European/American woman could rise from utter poverty, become educated in The United States and work hard for many years with the motivation to help create a better life for those whom have not been able to struggle through their hardships in order to gain financial independence as she has done."


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