School Supplies Distribution

Given the never-ending poverty that have consumed a big population of the citizen of Benin, Abakes Foundation is doing its best to bring relief to some families.

This year, as schools are about to reopen in cities like Cotonou and Porto novo, we gave school supplies to children that cannot afford it.

On September 25 2009, Abakes Foundation held up its first annual school supplies distribution in Cotonou. An event that was held in the public school of Cotonou where we will award students in need with school supplies such as notebooks, pens, pencils, erasers, etc...

Benefits: Provide struggling families relief and peace of mind because without school supplies their children will not be able to attend school.

Proposal: To supply children as well as college students with the necessary school supplies to get through the school year.

Conditions: School supplies will only be distributed to those who cannot afford them and as a consequence of not having them will not be able to attend classes.

Click Here to view the pictures of the Event.

Short term Goal To Make it easier for students to attend classes and learn efficiently. Long Term Goal As this is the first time Abakes Foundation is doing such thing, we will do it every single year and expand throughout the country rather quickly.

If everything go smoothly, we will be looking to build a factory in a few years that will produce all kinds of school supplies. This will allow us to reward more students every year and provide more jobs to the citizens of Benin.

Our Scholarship Program

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