Our First Christmas Project

The big part of the non development of many African nations including Benin is the oversight of the spirit of pure love and unity.The creation of this event is to reinforce the spirit of family and to implant the spirit of loving, unity and giving within children at a young age.

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Creating Jobs

Would you care to share your opinion about things that are going on. We want you to take a stand and state your desires, your wishes and what you believe has to happen in order accomplish it.

We would like for you to share with us your experiences from your hometown and perhaps ideas of how to improve it for the next generation.

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School Supplies Distribution

Given the never-ending poverty that have consumed a big population of the citizen of Benin, Abakes Foundation is doing its best to bring relief to some families.

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Our last feeding Event in Benin

The world hunger has become an increasingly large problem. Benin, a third world small country on the west coast of Africa is no stranger to this epidemic.

Abakes Foundation being conscious of this fact has been doing a number of relief work by giving out foods to the citizens of Benin.

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