School Supplies Distribution

Given the never-ending poverty that have consumed a big population of the citizen of Benin, Abakes Foundation is doing its best to bring relief to some families.

This year, as schools are about to reopen in cities like Cotonou and Porto novo, we gave school supplies to children that cannot afford it.

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Our Scholarship Program

Abake's Foundation scholarship program for residents of West Africa. College Education changes lives for the better, and has the potential to impact a community and address its local needs for leadership and skilled employment.

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Our Micro-Loan

Roadside commerce is alive and well in West Africa with an overwhelming portion of the population earning a living for their families by selling their wares carried above their head.

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Food Distribution

Distributing basic staple food can have a huge effect of a families well-being.

Hungry children cannot focus on their studies, and worried parents cannot properly care for the child's needs if there is a severe shortage of nutritional sustenance.

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Our last feeding Event in Benin

The world hunger has become an increasingly large problem. Benin, a third world small country on the west coast of Africa is no stranger to this epidemic.

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